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Consultancy & Technology for water & wastewater.

For us water is our daily bread, for you it might be a tool to make your product. This tool might be crucial to your product, but your focus should be on your product. It needs to be affordable but most of all reliable.
Our aim is to bring better service to all involved in water treatment. Our commitment is that we will not cut corners and stay with you until you are satisfied. Our method is cooperation: let people do what they are best in and have them share information and good idea’s. Our motto is that the use of chemicals should be avoided and water should be preserved wherever possible. Our promise is that you will enjoy the experience.

UF membranes by KMS

Defoamer by Clearwatersolutions

Chemical free cooling tower treatment by UET

Consultancy & Technology for water & wastewater

Drum sieves by


CONTEC fine screens by NRW

“Together can be Better”

Piping, service and installation by Bruine de Bruin

Projects by Waterpartners

Consultancy & Technology for water & wastewater

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