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About aqua innovation network

The Start

After 20 years of mostly working for international companies in the water business, I got frustrated by the fact that the added value of the companies I worked for was not in line with the margins we asked for. These companies had little knowledge, just took it from the suppliers. So I developed a vision: What if suppliers of technology would be more involved with the total solution? What if they were talking with each other and with the client? Would not that bring value to the customers, better projects and much more fun?
So the idea was tested with 2 potential partners for the Network, and immediately they got into discussions about clients. Where one of the partners cannot deliver a solution, the other could. Synergy all over, and very positive energy.

We share idea’s, client contacts, market opinions and even marketing outings, and try to involve our Partners in our projects, where it fits the Clients interests. No formal obligations to each other, but just because we can, want to and see that it works.
That is where it started, and this still is the basis of our cooperation:

Together Can be Better is our credo, and we would love to prove it in your project.

What we do

The aqua innovation network first of all will consult for you. With 20+ years of experience in water and wastewater technology, we will support you with the best way we know in order to come from the existing to the desired water quality. Look to it as Lego blocks: you tell us what needs to be done, with your restrictions (footprint, costs for water, availability of operators, lifetime expectancy, delivery time etc.) and we will build the bridge for you. We will use Lego blocks from the partners or from other suppliers, just what is required to come to the optimal solution for you.
Once we have determined these blocks, we will discuss with you what the optimal way is to integrate these blocks for your situation. We can simply support you in the sourcing, supply the blocks for you to install or even do turn key solutions with one of our partners. Afterwards we can support you in the start-up, maintenance, optimization and even remote control of these blocks.
If you already have a complete installation, which does not work as desired or even intended, we can support in our role as consultant. You can simply hire us per hour, or discuss a framework in which we will split benefits with you (no-cure-no-pay).
For our Chemical Free Cooling Tower Water Solution we can even go one step further: we design, build, finance and operate the system for a period of 5 years at no cost to you.

You are guaranteed to save money from day 1, no investment, no hassle.